How do I render without the imageplane


I work alot with composting 3D into live footage, so often I have an image plane as background refrence. On numerous occasions I simply forget to make its alpha 0 before render because this makes it invisible in the viewports too, and then I can’t work with it. Is there any settings that would make maya ignore the imageplane automatically at render though keep it visible in the camera view. Thanks very much for your help


in the render globals under the commons tab at render options
enter this:

Pre Render Mel:
setAttr imagePlane1.type 1;

Post Render Mel:
setAttr imagePlane1.type 0;

this should do the job as it switches between image file and texture…and if you set an image file it wont render anything if set to texture. imagePlane1 should be the name of your image plane of course…


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