how do i remove a broken 3dsmax license?


There was something wrong with my harddisk a while ago, and now my 3dsmax license is broken!! And i can’t just untinstall 3dsmax and install it again, because the error still occurs then.
I have tried succesfully importing a license from another computer with portable license utility, computer2 but then i have no license on the computer i exported it from! and 3dsmax will shut down in 3 days… Strange thing is, that when i import the license from computer2, the broken license is still there on computer1, alongside the imported license. Does anyone know how to get rid of that broken license, so I can reinstall 3dsmax on computer1?


Try reformatting - extreme, but guaranteed to remove all the debris on your HDD, stuff hidden away in the sysreg, etc. A clean install on a completely reformatted HDD should work. Goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) archive off anything you want to keep before you kill the disk.


I had a similar problem when I built up a RAID Zero on 10 K raptors, after much fussing and stressing I called Autodesk and thay had a new code for me in five minutes.



Isn’t C-dilla License Management the program that controls the license? If so, maybe you could uninstall that first, then uninstall max, reinstall both Max and C-dilla and get your computer registered with Autodesk again.


CDilla was there only until max 5.
There’s new license management with max 6 +

The best option is to call your local reseller for getting help with resetting license and deleting old information. You do not need to reformat the hard drive for something so simple.

Good Luck.


Why not just delete all the licensing info from comp1 (hidden directory under my documents - ADLM or some dam thing) and re-enter the licensing info when Max gripes on next startup?


Contact Discreet/Autodesk media and entertainment tech support.


Some license data is hidden on the HDD where a reformat will not get rid of it.
Some license data is stored in a file. Together, they make up the 3dsmax license.

I think the file component is in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Software Licenses\

If you delete it, it will replace your error with a ‘the license has been deleted’ error.


As far as I know, the license info is flagged on the boot sector of the harddrive, but as many have iterated, call your reseller or notify autodesk. They’ll fix you up fast. I’ve had many broken license problems in the past, and they’re very quick at responding.


or the faster way around the bend (most resellers dont happen to be open 24/7)

browse to:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Macrovision\SafeCast\Product Licenses

and delete all the ‘.dat’ files you see. start max again, and you will be set.


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