How do I model these organic forms????


Hey guys,

Please how would you advice me to model these kind of forms effectively. I am currently knowledgeable in 3D studio Max, but i am ready to learn another software if modelling it would be easier.



Breakdown your subject in 2 or 3 stages, first the big shape, then the forms and finally details.

Big shape: I see a plane folded on itself, with “ballooned” areas.

Forms: Elongated strips make up the big shape along the edgeloops and edgerings

Details: Trims that hold everything together on each end.

Model the big volume first (and clone it), with enough divisions along the edgeloops and edgerings, you can then delete the polys to create the openings in between each (make sure your divisions are spaced evenly and match the actual object size). That’ll take care of the outside shell (horizontal strips), apply a shell modifier and give depth to the outside.

Take the cloned object and delete vertical rows to form the inside. Apply a shell modifier and give depth towards the inside.

The trim can be done in the same manner.

Hope that made sense.


I’d say nurbs modelling would do the trick. build your curve profiles first, rebuild the curves and surface them. after that, as Psyk0 said, shell them for depth. for the details, just generate curves from your surface, U and V, and extrude along curves. I hope that makes sense, too :slight_smile:


Thanks guys . Started working on it. I made the profiles first (The horizontal and Vertical), then used loft… For the thickness of the edges, i used Lattice modifier, but i would try the method Psyk0 proposed.



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