How do I get transparency with 2D Shader


I’m make this Desk Below using the Maya’s 2D cloth texture to make a net.
My problem now is how to make the Black part (the Gap Color) to be transparent.
Can can someone help me out on this please.
Forgot to say I’m using Maya 2017 with Arnold Renderer


You might think the Out Alpha of the Cloth node would have an alpha of your cloth, but it doesn’t seem to.

First, go into the Attribute Editor, under the shape node, Arnold tab and un-check Opaque.

Then, for an alpha, you can plug the Out Color of the Cloth node into an aiColorCorrect. Crank the gamma, desaturate it, crank the contrast , set contrast pivot to 0. The idea is to push all the grey tones up to white. Plug the Out Color of the ColorCorrect node into the Opacity channel of your shader.