how do i continuously apply brush stroke by pressing?


i came here after trying out all the keyword combinations i could think of on google lol

anyways…if i draw with the standard brush, for example, i have to DRAG my mouse/pen to apply the stroke. how do i apply it WITHOUT dragging - by simply clicking once or clicking and holding??



Hrmm If I understand you correctly you might be looking for a different stroke type. There’s stroke options on the left hand of the default UI under the brush button. Click there and select the Drag Dot stroke. That will apply a single brush effect at the place you click, this works well with alpha’s and it’s size is determined by the brush size. Alternatively you can try the drag rect stroke too. This stroke requires dragging the stroke out but only apply’s its stoke once and the dragging controls scale and orientation, again this is particular useful when using alpha’s.

I’f I am misunderstanding you may also be having an issue with the lazy mouse feature which is on by default for most basic brushes as it works well to smooth out the stroke. The side effect here is that it requires that the brush travel a certain minimum distance for the stroke to start to apply. Under the stroke menu at the top, in the Lazy mouse sub menu you will find the toggle and other options for this feature. Try turning it off.


I think what youre talking about is lazy mouse. Go into Stroke - Lazy Mouse - Lazy Radius. Crank the Lazy Radius up.


hey! thanks for the replies, guys. but no…this is not what i’m looking for - i already tried those. i want to click and hold on the mesh (absolutely no dragging necessary), and for the duration of that hold i want brush strokes to be applied continuously. my guess is there’s no such stroke. in Blender sculpt mode, this is called airbrush-stroke.


As far as I know there is no way to do what you are asking. Best alternative I can suggest would be to mask and move, snake hook or transpose the selected part where you want it. The brush stroke requires movement to build up it’s effects


do you mean (repeat stroke)
stroke the object once and press the number 1 on your keyboard,
keep pressing 1 to keep repeating