How do I change my name above avatar??


I have a burning question.
How do I change my name above avatar??
I have made about 70 posts and I am now a veteran. But somebody else with 70 posts (I have seem) is no longer a veteran and he could fill in a personal name above his avatar…

When is it possible to change the name veteran or frequenter above my avatar ?? :shrug:

Help me out please!!! :applause: :thumbsup:


It’s in your user options. Go to your control panel, click on Edit Profile and then scroll down the page to where it says Custom User Text and type in a new name.


Quote: "it says Custom User Text "
But it is not in MY eit profile… Maybe it is because I am not so long a member.
Could that be a reason?? :shrug:


Your user text now says “Frequenter”. Did you solve it?

If not, go here: Scroll all the way down, it should say this:

Custom User Text:
This is the title that appears beneath your name on your posts.
You may enter up to 25 characters.
Check the reset box if you wish to use the the default title for your usergroup and post count.
HTML is not allowed.

All the way to the right in that table you can change it :slight_smile:


Tried the link but nothing you said is there to see. I think it is because I such a new member. Only 2 weeks or so… :shrug:

We’ll see :slight_smile:


I have the same problem – no Custom User Text field.

Want me to take a screenshot to show you? :wink:


yeah i’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now


I’ve asked around and I think I know what the problem is my friends! :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to be a member for (I believe) at least a month (maybe 2). After that you may fill in a usertext above your avatar.

So it has nothing to do with making a lot of posts.
Because I say someone WITH a usertext who only had made 60 posts.
And I made 160 posts more or less…

So, it just > wait until you may change… be patience! :slight_smile:


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