How Do I Add My Own Character To Motion Capture In Cinema 4D?


Hello everyone.
I am a COMPLETE beginner to 3D animation and motion capture.

I have had someone make me a custom 3D character, I have the FBX file.

I also recorded hours of motion capture footage in various clips, also all saved as FBX files.

I bought Cinema 4D…

Now I want to know how to attach my character to the motion capture skeleton.

Any advice?



I think you have two options:

• Get ready to enter an intense period of study and experimentation, lasting months to years, or

• Hire a professional.

I don’t mean to sound abrupt, but character animation is probably the most technical and demanding task in the 3D production workflow. People train for years to do it correctly. You can find tutorials at places like Cineversity, but if you are a complete 3D newbie, you will spend an enormous amount of time just becoming familiar with the basics of 3D work.


Hi Google the following:
C4D ,retarget tag, mocap,

C4D is a great all around 3D application.
But to be very frank ,you have made the worst possible choice
if you plan on retargeting “hours” of motion capture in maxon
Cinema4D alone.

Retargeting of mocap to custom rigs is technically possible with C4D
however this is the area ,where most would agree, that C4D’s native tools are the weakest in the industry particualry at its price point
If this is a one shot project and there is a budget then hire someone else who is using C4D with an external retargeting solution such Ikinema,Motionbuilder or even Reallusion Iclone Pro.

It is best to learn the fundamental principles of Character animation before getting into a heavy Mocap workflow,
However if you plan on an all mocap workflow in C4D
you are in for alot of labor intensive work.

But please google those terms and read for yourself.


C4D R19 doesn’t work anymore for Character animation,
they’ve broke Motion Layers - if you create Relative layers, you can’t drag it up and therefore you can’t use Motion Capture layers + Animation on top of it, because an option to drag layers up and down doesn’t work in R19.
Out studio has migrated to other software because of it.


Not to be completely discouraging to the OP
this may help.


Check out Jon Wares tutorials on cineversity.