How difficult would this be?


Hi Forum.

Director/Producer here popping in with a quick question.

How difficult would it be to put a mask (specifically, a bank robbers mask, 'Ronald Reagan’-style, or even a balaclava) on this guys head – so it reads from behind in the shot what it is? I’m thinking quite difficult right? In terms of creating the 3D model, getting that textured and realistic, then wrapping the head and dealing with the hair. I’m guessing the more he walks the harder it is? I’m also tipping the only thing in my favour on this operation is the black and white?
Just seeking some thoughts if possible :slight_smile:
I doubt I’m going to go for it – I’ve no budget remaining on the short. It would certainly help the shot/ending quite a bit though. Thanks guys.



I’m definitely not going for this. It’s way out of reach.

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An experienced CG guy could probably pull this off. The fact that the shot is black and white would work in your favor - its much more difficult to match the color and lighting of a full color shot.

The longish hair complicates things a bit. You’d have to use a pretty large sized mask to cover the hair or get someone to paint the hair that sticks out frame by frame. Assuming that the mask strap would also need to interact with hair (press down on it), yes, you are looking at a somewhat complex task.

To be honest, you’d spend far less money re-shooting that shot with a real person and mask than doing it in CG.