How difficult would it be to create this plugin?


ok - what with R9 out soon - i have tested the demo and there is a simple feature that i really want but doesnt look like it will be in the final

Basically i want to edit my models in isolines from now on as they are so great (the isolines, not my models :)), but my workflow in R8 consists of modeling with Hypernurbs on and switching off and back on at very regular intervals

The way i switrch the hypernurbs off is by having the “Use Generators” funtcion assigned to the “x” hotkey - as you can tell it is a very fluid workflow - the switch to on and off is instant

So the problem with R9 is that when i am modeling with isolines switched on and i disable "use genaerators - the cage is no longer visable unless i disable use isolines but then it becomes a pain as it is not fluid - it is no longer a one click solution

The alternative to pressing “use generators” is to switch the hypernurbs off in the AM but this slows down the workflow a hell of a lot

So there is a plugin called “Global On Off” by Fabian Rosenkranz that can be used to switch off Hn but that also involves selecting the plugin choosing hypernurbs and pressing the button - i need a plugin that can be assigned to a hotkey and simply switches all Hypernurbs off and with the same key switches them back on again

Why not use “Toggle Parent Generator”? - Well having “x” assigned to “use generators” i alos use it to speed up the navigation of my scene when things get heay as it disables all the genarators in the scene

My current solution is this - i have “z” assigned to use “generators” and “x” assined to “use isoline editing” and i hit them simultaneously

If you cant be bothered to reads all that crap above -

My short question is this - how easy is it to write a plugin which will turn all Hypernurbs on and off with one hotkey - if anyone is prepared to write one i will consider paying them :slight_smile:


You could add it to your layout. Then it would be a single click. Still, maybe you could shoot Fabian an e-mail. I’ll bet he could take some of the global on/off code and make a smaller, shortcuttable plugin for this.


Thanks for the reply

i have it in my layout - but its still a matter of moving my mouse away from my model selecting the Hypernurbs in the Global on off options clicking “on” or clicking “off”

I need a BAM hotkey on BAM hotkey off

Maybe i’ll contact Fabian - or learn how to program :slight_smile:


Before i contact Fabian - any one want to have a bash at making a simple plugin as this? :slight_smile:


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