How difficult are these short clip animations to accomplish in Houdini?


Just trying to understand if these animations have certain physics or modifiers that are best accomplished in Houdini. As a noob, I’m assuming there’s some effect to have the rotating objects behave the way they do… i.e. magnetically attracted, random rotations, etc

Just honestly curious, if this was the right program for these short animations


No physics or anything going on that I can see. Basically, anything will do, or should, but it won’t. You see if you or I render a couple of random objects tumbling around, it’s just a couple of random objects tumbling around. BUT… if you have a NAME, and have been anointed by the proper priests of the art world, suddenly it’s a work of sublime genius and worthy of enough money to buy a house, or at least a couple of new cars. Maverick, my ass.