How did they do this in combustion


How did they do this effect, or how can you do this in combustion?



1.The live footage is been masked or rotoscoped.
2.Some 3d Effects and animation on background
3.It requires lot of layering and color correction…

this is just an idea how the work has been done…

u can try out with any small video or a movie clip,
mask it put some default combustion particles,
try it out…


Could you be a little more specfic on which effect you are inquiring about? The motion could easily be done using a 3D Composite and moving the camera around the the scene. You can then apply a motion blur on top of the composite to get the camera motion blur.


and blue/greenscreen to key the people out, rather than rotoscoping them.

the rest is done more or less by layering the elements in 3dspace and animating the cam.

btw: whats uemedia? when i type it doesn’t seem to be a real site of a post/ design studio… hmm?


excuse my ignorance but doesn’t rotoscoping = “blue/greenscreen to key the people out” ???


rotoscoping mainly is about animating masks (manual labour) rather then keying (that is automated).

when rotoscoping you draw a poly, bezier (etc) type of closed curve to mask areas in or out (you can even fade these masks). doing transparent stuff is crazy - mainly i would say no way but there are situations when you do transparency with rotoscoping)

when keying you combine hand made masks (as above) with extracting the blue/green color from your image thus resulting a clean mate (depending on the shot complexity it’s a teadious or straight away process). it’s good for transparent stuff also (glass, water, smoke, hair).

try rotoscoping hair blowing in the wind…


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