How did they create this material?


I was watching the remastered version of Star Trek (TOS) the other day and noticed how the classic enterprise doesn’t really have visible hull panels. This was because Roddenberry felt that in the future everything would look nice and “slick”. Clean lines, all of the fiddly bits hidden inside. So that begs the question about the hull material used on the CGI version in the remasters. I’ve tried to get a similar look before just by doing a grey material with a bit of noise and similar but it never looks even close to as good as it does on the old Enterprise.

So how would you go about creating this material? Please forgive me for asking, but texturing and materials is really my weak area. I know modelling a lot better than I do texturing, especially playing around with the stuff in the material editor as opposed to just slapping on a texture bitmap.


The original models were physically built and shot with a motion control camera. So they were hand painted and rigged with practical lights. To create something similar, you will need to UV unwrap your model and export template to Photoshop of the UV layouts. Then you can paint up the necessary elements in Photoshop, and re apply them in C4D.


I’m not talking about the original physical models, which I understand how they were made. I’m talking about the digital recreation (pictured) for the remaster a few years ago. I’m looking to get that “painted metal” look that they have going on here.


Seeing these again in detail…is sweetness. They really are gorgeous.


Based on the detailed planets in the op screencaps… I am going to disappoint you guys by saying those are all cg ones. They remade a vast majority of shots in the original startrek a decade ago for the remastered bluray and the originals dont give nearly that detail. The planets never looked good in the original.

Clean lines mean smooth phong angles and less low res geometry subdivided heavily. Not sure about the ship, but many remastered matte paintings used c4d

Oh and it may sound counterintuitive but the spec breakup/texture is a big factor in smootheness with scale. Look at the bright highlight and see how broken up with rough and shiny patches it is.