how come pen pressure doesnt work anymore?


well i was painting a few quarters ago using the pen pressure mode under other dynamics… and it worked fine but now im trying to paint some textures and even when i set the brush settings to pen pressure under other dynamics even if i press slightly on the tablet it stil gives me full color… anyone know how to fix this?


every once in awhile i have to reset my wacom preferences to avoid glitches in photoshop


Quite often all you have to do is restart Photoshop. I believe it’s got something to do with working with both a mouse and the pen at the same time. Photoshop seems to get confused and assumes your pen is the mouse, which is full pressure. I think if you work with just the pen and don’t swap to the mouse this doesn’t occur.


a fix i’ve found to work, is to enter the wacom control panel, and press the little pad that says ‘current pressure’ - that resets pressure sensitivity so you don’t have to restart Photoshop (which I don’t like doing because you can’t resize brushes with hotkeys anymore … you can only do that once you’ve manually selected a brush from the palette (one time)).


thanks guys will try these when i get home, ive already tried restarting photoshop and comp that doesnt seem to fix it but i will go into wacom settings once i get home. Thanks again! :smiley:


My pressure sensitivity has never worked :(. Where is this wacom control panel you speak of?


jimbo: did you enable it in the brushes tab? other dynamics -> set opacity jitter to be controlled by pen pressure.

the control panel i mention is just the setup tool that gets installed along with the wacom drivers, you should have it somewhere in your start menu.


Yeah, I’ve tried adjusting the pen pressure settings next to size jitter countless times, but it never works. I’ll see if I can find the control panel, though I’m not sure if I have access to the drivers and specific hardware settings(long story).


yo jim did u install the tablet driver or did u just plug in the tablet and go into photoshop? i realized i was really stupid and forgot to install the driver for it after i did that just restarted photoshop set the pen pressure mode and poof i got pen pressure w00t!


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