How can we kickstart this project again.....


Hi Guys

Just thought i would pop in and see if anything was going on on simplelife.

I really hope we can kick start this project again as i still feel that its an excelent little project and I would love to see it get finished.

Maybe we need to start thinking about different ways to pull in new people.



Wouldn’t it be cute if we made Orange shorter than everyone else?


i’m pretty new here, i’ve read a bit about this project but i’m still not sure of the story. is there anything to watch at the moment?


Sticky threads are there for a reason. :smiley:


Aye, kirt give me to march then I can go ahead help a bit on the project!:thumbsup: I have to finish cutting my real. I took the time to read through the threads to see what is going on. I will see u then, in the mean time I hope that u can get some people to do some stuff for ya!:thumbsup:


k smart ass :slight_smile: i’ll take a look looks cool so far.


just downloaded the orange rig and noticed a problem (might be an old one) the the left anf right blend shapes are the same (as in they are both right) i think its coz the the left one is just the right one -x’ed in the scale. theres a script on high end ‘mirror blend 2.5’ that’ll fix it though.


If you have any problems with the rig, then you should post in our TD thread. Mel might have addressed this problem already. If not then a solution should be found and a new rig made available for everyone (so we don’t have the issue repeated for each new member joining the project).

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass earlier. I just hate repeating myself. :smiley:

I’m glad that some new people are showing an interest in this again. I was debating having the forum removed and eventually finishing the project on my own. :argh:


I’m still hanging in there Kirt. I just had some issues earlier with the website layout and content, then got a little busy over the holidays - but maybe I’ll send through some stuff to you to check out. If we can get that up, we might spark a bit of interest.


don’t worry i was kidding about the smart ass thing coz i didn’t look before i posted i thought it kinda funny the way you said about the stickys.

thats cool about the rig didn’t know about the td bit.

and as for keeping the thread i would.i’d post somthing to explain to no members whats its all about and just say join cg soc to take part. i think loads would go for it membership doesn’t cost a lot. The more people that go for it the better. in the animation WIP section theres a few animators that are still learning but would be able to work on a couple of shots with good guidance. gives people somthing to stick in a reel, its not easy to make a cube emote.

hope it all go’s well. the moment i get off my current projects i’ll get involved and we can start kranking some shots out. :bounce: i’m looking forward to it, i like the community aspect of this little film just need to get the ball rolling again.


Re: Kirt.

Sorry I haven’t been with you for the last month but I’ve been struck by real-life-syndrome. I’m still a bit desperate at this time but I’ll try and put some time aside. :hmm:


I think that’s a good idea- letting the ‘public’ forums hear about this! Get a few more people interested, esp. if we say we may submit it for film festivals and stuff.


Sounds like a really good idea to me too. I’d love to see this project finished as I’m sure all of you would.

Wowza I really need to change my avatar


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