How can I render backface culling? [SOLVED]


I got dizzy looking for it everywhere. The Display tag does it only for the viewport. I remember the old documentation having a rendered example with a transparent material on a sphere.


You don’t say what renderer you’re using, but assuming it’s the Standard Renderer, Backface culling is not something it can automatically do. It only shows in the viewport, but two suggestions are:

  1. Do a Hardware Render instead if suitable for your project so that the render matches your viewport
  2. Follow this tutorial by Digital Meat (@beefdoctor):


Couldn’t you assign an additional completely transparent (e.g. black alpha channel) material? And then have your texture tags set to front and back instead of two sided.


There’s the damn sphere !

Apparently the topic wasn’t about backface culling …

Damn quarantine ! I’m having deja vu’s and temporal displacements with that false memory … I even installed Bryce 5’s documentation in an attempt to find it !

(by the way, the fact that Bryce was capable of rendering better volumes than todays renderers is beyond me)
look at that from 2008…


but it was a slow m@therf*…

@MighT42 Drews 2nd suggestion is better 'cause it reacts with lights and shadows.