How can I move the Image Sequens. (export from synthEyes)


Hi People.

The problem is that I can not move the image plane like I normally do. And its bother me as may geometry is passing through the image plane. Making it very hard to see what I am doing.

So what I need help for, is to move the’ camera plane’ and still match with the cam movement and maintain pic aspect ratio. I did actually solve some of the problem the problem when I changed the ‘Depth’ to 1000. But over 1000 and the suquens/image/picture disappears.

Wish you all a great day. :slight_smile:


If the far clip plane of the camera is around 1000 and you set imageplane depth to 1000 maybe it is true it disappear. Look at the camera and set the far clip plane to 10000, so you can set depth imageplane to 1000. Maybe it’s work instead, post a screenshot with camera setting of what happened.


Hi ytsejam1976

Sorry for a late replay, but I first had to time to look at it now. And YES! IT WORKED! In very happy for your help, I appreciate that, so thank you very much!

Have a fantastic day :slight_smile: I owe you a beer :wink: