How can I manipulate the position of a point in Xpresso? [SOLVED]


I want to connect two objects with a two-point spline so the first point should have always the same position of the 1st objects’ G.position and the second point the position of the 2nd objects’ G.position…

I know I can do it with the Tracer but I want to use a more complex setup later.

I have found out that I can make an object dependent of a spline point but I can’t figure out how to do the opposite.
I want to move the objects not the spline points.

The following 3 nodes do the opposite of what I want.


Click on the blue to get a point position input and set the point indexes to 0 and 1 in attribute manager.



Thank you JED.
Once more I’ve fallen victim of the unintuitive information flow of nodes in C4D…

I was expecting the Object to be Driven by the Point operator from the other side of the operation…