how can i make falloff transition for displacement and diffuse ?


how can i make falloff transition for displacement and diffuse like this


I do not believe you can do that just yet with Mash, check out Soup.


The deformations are trivial with MASH, just use the Blend Deformer with a falloff.

A fairly rough tutorial, but shows how it works here:

So you’d end up with this:

The texture is harder, MASH has no shader but you can set vertex colours with a falloff like this:

I have an unreleased tutorial on how to do this if you’re interested.
Hidden Falloff Features

So you could use that as a black and white mask to blend through to the other texture. Not quite sure about that.



Cool Ian, I completely forgot about that you can connect the falloff obj directly to meshes.


i follow your great tut its very useful to me
but the problem is blend shape cant switch between( blend shapes material ) its only one martial show


You can easily do the same if you read what you have in cenema graph.
Basically you will have a Mash falloff that will control the overall switch by the blending mode between the colors.
One layered texture for the displace and another layered texture for the diffuse.

The mash falloff will generate a vertex color, depends on you engine (i’m using Red Shift) you will have to pass this color to the engine.


Nicely done :slight_smile:


woooo great
can you upload the maya file please to take a closer look


Thanks Ian

mido: here is the scene, if you don’t have Redshift you might get some errors.
Anyway the important part is the layered texture.


thaaaaaaaaank you its work great :keenly:


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your great tutorials. I am trying to do a very similar one but with extrude functionally. I was able to get the result with your hidden falloff features video but what I need is to have the falloff feature, extrude only the faces I extruded. Currently, it’s extruding all faces like it supposed to do. I am not sure what nodes to connect to get the effect I am looking for.