How Can I Make Clothes From Scratch For UE4?


Greetings. I’m making an 3d endless runner game for my final year project. I’m now stuck at clothing my model. I made some clothes with Marvelous Designer -which contains a belt, shirt, vest and shalwar- but can’t import them to UE4. Even if I import them either they are imported as mesh itself or multiple parts separate from the model and the model is naked. Tried so many ways but no luck.

I looked at some videos which they make clothes either using APEX or the new clothing system “NvCloth”. But nearly all of them using an existing clothed model and continue to edit it or creating simple things like cape or flag or converting some part of body to cloth. I can’t do that because my clothes are a little complex. Since I can’t import any clothed model to UE4, I can’t follow them. I tried Maya nCloth but it doesn’t have seams so I can’t make clothes like I’ve made in Marvelous Designer. I tried to wrap those clothes in Maya but it takes too much time. Tried 3Ds Max but it crashes so many times and not simulating clothes properly so I can’t use it neither. Looked at Blender but it has too much details and because of that, it’s hard for me.

So, how do you cloth and animate your model? My UE version is 4.17.