How can i know what format is my camera?


Before you import the footage in Fusion you have to specify format, PAL,SECAM,NTSC or whatever.

So i have recorded some stuff with my camera and got that on the pc.So how can i check now what format my camera has recorded?


Erm, not to sound patronizing, but read the camera’s manual?


If you’re using a DV Camera in the US it’s probably a sure bet that the footage is NTSC, generally 4:3 but it could alsio be 16:9 if you were able to shoot it that way. it’s also probably 740x486(480) if it’s standard def, but if you have one of the newer small HD cams, it could be 720i/p or 1080i/p.

This is, of course, assuming you digitized the footage at it’s original format and didn’t bring it in as something different.


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