How can I increase geometry without stretching the shapes?


I’m working on a series of building projects that require back and forth modeling of brick walls and floor tiles.
Is there a way that I can construct my bricks / tiles that when I increase or reduce the size of the wall or floor, the number of bricks/tiles will increase rather than stretch?
I’m working in Maya 2022 with Arnold.


that would take some scripting - or maybe you could model walls in a separate scene and make them huge with small bricks ; then set up some cutting planes to cut out the size you want


RailClone in 3dsmax will do this. Don’t know of a Maya tool. MAybe Bifrost.


Just enable in the pugin manager the brickRD.


Don’t seem to have this Plugin. Using Maya 2022.
Do I have to install it separately? And link?



you can easily do it with mash.
you can get an idea of what you can do with it here