How can I improve ?


I’m trying to make a game world like GTA. How can I improve it? I don’t know how I shold go about in creating the treed. I don’t really need to do a full world but a big enough portion
for a walk throught. How should I create the sky and the rest of the land? This was created in Blender 3D.


I guess you’re on the modelling side. You could first establish a image map similar to this GTA: SA map. Of course not that huge but a smaller version. Model your buildings one by one, I personally prefer to model the buildings and texture them instead of doing all the modelling then doing the texturing.

But I also guess it depends on what you need it too. Remember, the texturing is the stage that brings your level to life.

Just get a lot of building image refs, model them in the smallest poly count as you can but with sufficiant details.

The sky can be achieved by inserting a really huge sphere, half it, so your world is inside this half sphere, inverting the faces and add the texture of an sky.


Looks like you’re off to a good start mate. If there’s one thing I learned working on Saint’s Row, it’s to try your hardest to make sure you’re happy with how your geometry is (especially the roads) before you UV it, otherwise you will end up re-UVing things a billion times. :slight_smile:

I also agree with Hellboy that you should model/texture buildings on a pass together. This is just my personal workflow method, and by no means something people NEED to do, but I find that I will stay more motivated to create some nicer textures that are unique to the building. If I create all the models at once, then start texturing them all in one pass, I’ll tend to get sloppy, lazy, etc.


Wow Flewda, you worked on Saint’s row? I guess you had an environmental possition. Now that the game is published long time ago, tell us some inside tips. Like what’s the approximate poly count on each building and if possible, the vehicles too

thanks m8 :thumbsup:


You already got some great comments. I’ll try and add something. When I create a level I block everything out first. I use basic objects that are exactly the same size as my buildings and whatever objects are going in the level. I put it all together first. That way I know if it will work or not. Like Flewda said, It sucks redoing stuff, expecially when your on a tight time budget. Then I go back and do what HellBoy said. I model and texture everything and replace those basic objects with the real ones. I also try and do first pass at lighting early, textures will look different under different lighting conditions. And its nice to know ahead of time how you should paint your textures.


Two Words, Google Earth.

Decide what region your city should be in and look at the layout in that region. Try to adapt. For example? Dublin looks drastically different from Chicago which looks massively alien to LAs layout. Once you know your region, plan layouts from there. Of course, I’ve never tried something like this (although I will be in the near future as I switch from Character Artist to Environmental Artist, once we get about 4-5 characters modeled, on my hobby project with a couple friends)


Thanks guys! So for now I should plan out my roads and building layout first before I start textureing and replacing with a more detailed model of the builds.


Sky is absolutely right. Blocking (roughing) out your area first is awesome. It will make life much easier. It’s hard at first to kinda envision things, but it will save much time in the end.

Hellboy - Well polycounts really varied. For an average building, 5-10K polys. However some of the more complex buildings obviously ran us much higher. As for vehicles, an average vehicle running around was usually 5-7K poly, but some vehicles, with all their custom mods on them (body kits, rims, etc.) could run 15+k. It’s a long way from the Nintendo 64 days, that’s for sure :slight_smile: but also keep in mind of the open world part, so our polycounts were quite a bit lower than games like Gears of War. Hope this was helpful.


Are they any tutorials on modeling for games? From levels to character?


To Flewda: How do you go about building the mapping for the road/Street? Do you use uv wrap to map the trees pic by pic? or u use tilling?


The roads had a tiling texture, and used a few different maps for different parts (the yellow lines, potholes, other decals, etc.) You’re best bet is to tile them. You still of course have to unwrap it so that the tiling texture works with your curvey road.


One of the problems I have is the lane divider (white doted lines). Because my main road well have other small roads extruding out of the main road. So the plane (main road) well be devided in to many parts and that gave me alot of problems in mapping the texture in as the white lines need to be of same length. So I end up having to use only UVwrap to solve the problems. But tomuch of the time well be spend on the road alone. Is there a better way to solve the problem?

Pic -


One way I’d do is use seperate plane for the white, yellow lane, alpha textured road signs

But you really need to start using different planes on the places where your road is curving, and new roads merging in

If you look at my road, which is NOT the greatest :smiley: look how I used different geometry to get that result

Its planes and its not yet textured. Those white and yellow lanes will be textured with alpha opacity


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