How can I improve the lighting in this scene?


Greetings, this is my first post here.

I’ve been working for the past two weeks on the modeling and texturing of this scene. However, now I have to do the lighting and i’m pretty stuck.
My idea for this scene was a temple, some sort of oration site. I also wanted to play with the light contrast and it’s supposed to be a daytime scene.

Now, before continuing I would like to ask for feedback and opinions and how could I improve this shot.

Thank you very much!


First of all, are you using Linear Workflow?

Linear Workflow increases the “realistic” feel of light with realistic falloff of light and illumination in final render, for example from the autodesk website:

then, you may increase the light intensity from candle. They are present in scene, but as the falloff is too steep and intensity is too low, they are not adding to the appeal of the scene. increase intensity of candle light:

you may use a fire torch, in place of small candles.

Also if its a daylight scene, the light from sun, should be the strongest… i see the (orangish) light from the center hollow well feels stronger than the light falling from top.

lighting examples from google search:

Also your scene geometry is not complete, the top of light opening seems hollow, i mean there should be some wall, or if it’s the end of roof, sky should be visible from the gap.