How can I have particles swirl in vortex like?


Hi guys,

So I am trying to do this Lazer beam charge effect for practice and to learn ice. Just did a quick sketch of it this is kinda what I am after:

So I want to have particles swirl in to the center. How would I go about creating that? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Here’s what I would be thinking if I had to do something like that.

Have a group of curves, each coming out of nowhere and have particle systems for each path, when doing a set points operation have them travel along the curve path.

Also have a default centre point (if there is no other geometrical point exists in the center) and use that to change the properties of the particles as they get closer to the center (e.g. to make them seem like they appear out of thin air have them start out with an opacity of 0, and increase it as they get closer to the centre). Also you can add some deformers to the curves, or even animate them to rotate around the centre point to add some dynamic nature to it.

That’s the gist of how I’d do that. You could also probably make the particle spread flare out farther away from the point by using a combination of range turbulence, and checking how far the particles are from the center (and closing the range gap the closer they get to the centre in order to create a pinching effect).

and if i wanted them to swirl WHILE moving along the curves, i’d just create swirly-curves, have particles movee along those swirls, and then have those swirly curves move along the curves mentioned above.

Or you could use the math to make them swirl (standard rotate while particles move somewhat along a curve)


Sweet stuff man! I will give that a try and report back with results.


Move along curve worked great (I didnt know there was a node for that I was trying to make my own by hacking Bradley Gabe’s tutorial unsuccessfully :smiley: )

Right now the whole curve is emitting at the same time. Is there a way to set it up so Emission only happens on one end of the curve and the particles start sliding down from that direction?


You could create a dummy object and have it emit the particles from that dummy object… and then just have the dummy object sit at the end of the curve. I’ve done it before with other geometry. Here’s an example I dummied up:


Sweet! It worked great.


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