how can i create this instancer effect


hi guys

plz help me

how can i create this instancer effect


Hi khalil,

That clip that you posted is part of a collection of tutorials sold by the owner of that site. You can sign up for his membership for exact details on how he did it. I can say that you want to create a custom rotation attribute, and a few other attributes to support it. In general with a number of runtime expressions you would drive a constantly changing rotation value.

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i know this is for where

but this impossible for me to sign in modernmayhem

i mede this but this is not work good

my mel expertion is true or not

how can i fix this


(sorry for my bad english)


Wick3dParticle is right…it’s a matter of adding rotational values to the spheres at runtime. Just create a vector value on a rotational per particle attribute…and multiply it by time. (one way to do it of many)
Now, observing the video…it seems to be set on creation time at a specific rotational value and it is only rotating on one axis at runtime. make a note of that while creating your expression for it.
Also, make sure sure your instancer options are set to use that specific PP attribute that you created…in the particleShape attribute editor.

Post it up as a video, not rapidshare.
And post your mel expression that you are using in the forum. please.
Let us know if there is any help you need, but were not going to just do it for you. It is a video tutorial on membership.


i put this file for you to see anything of my work ,like mel and how rotation spheres

plz get this file and help me

no anybody know answer this question…

(sorry for my bad english)


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