How can I adjust the transparency to eliminate its effect on the some objects behind


how can I get a second picture immediately when rendering without further compositing?


Maybe I don’t understand your question ?

However, if this is what you want ( no compositing tags )
Then, just move the cube in front of the transparent sphere


no, the object should be behind a semitransparent surface, but it should look like it is in front of it

Can a compositing tag (or another) help?


Another option is to use an alpha on the sphere.
In this example the poles are facing the camera.


the cube should be inside the sphere

the cube and sphere are just for example, this possibility is theoretically interesting


I don’t think there is a composition option that does exactly that.

In the attached example I’ve used an alpha channel to cut a hole in the shader of the sphere that is exaclty the shape of the cube. That alpha is made by duplicating the scene without the sphere, moving it out of the way, and using the camera shader to apply that to the Sphere. In this way it renders in one pass.

Visually it does make the cube unaffected by the half-transparency of the sphere. The downside is that there is a (alpha) hole in the sphere now.

This is a very clunky workaround so depending on other factors, It might or might not work for you.

hole in sphere.c4d (244.9 KB)


thank you, but this approach is not acceptable, several translucent layers with animation are assumed in the scene


Hi there, you can try to apply two materials to your sphere. The material you want see is set with Back in the Material Tag Properties, and the transparent one is set with Front. This way you skip the front-facing polygons.

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thanks, very interesting opportunity!

unfortunately not suitable for a cube behind a plane for example


Is this something you’ve seen somewhere ?
Has it ever been done before ?
Is there a similar image or video using the effect you try to achieve ?


this problem is solved by compositing, I just wanted to know if it is possible at the rendering stage