how can I achieve this type of Infrared look


I was looking at this website: which has some pretty neat effect…

Anyway, I was trying to figure out a way to achieve something similar with a regular color photo by playing with the color channels and the channel mixer… but I couldn’t even get close to the same result (the ultra white on the greens)… does anyone wants to give it a try???



I wouldn’t use the channel mixer - maybe the channels themselves and use curves and levels along with hue/saturation. You could use the channels to make specific selections based on color and then go from there. Looking at the images it is obvious to me that they did a little more than just a simple filter.


Here you go:

Good starting point atleast.



You really need to use an IR enabled camera to achieve that look, it’s very hard to fake it from an ordinary photo.


This is very true, especially with the color IR images. It can be faked a bit with Black and White IR.

I bought an IR filter for my camera, but I haven’t had much luck with it yet. Some digital cameras are better at it than others.



thanks guys, after a lot of research I arrive to the same conclusion! and I have been looking at digital cameras conversion :slight_smile:


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