Housing (Looking for a Room? Looking for a Roomate?) POST HERE


Hey guys, I am posting this for those who either are looking for a place to stay or are looking for [color=white]roomates for the duration the conference.



this’ll be my first year going… i’ve been wanting to go since i heard of it years ago.

not certain where i’ll stay, yet. hopefully it will be a good thing that i saw this post?

i’m attending the entire conference. anyone else?


Does anyone have strong feelings either way about some of the remaining SIGGRAPH-approved hotels?

Waited longer than I should have to register so a lot of the more popular hotels have filled up already (the Holiday Inn in particular…). Ended up booking a reservation at the Westin Bonaventure because after staying there before and feeling it was very nice, but would greatly prefer to stay somewhere that’s less than $166/night (leaves more money for software upgrades :smiley: ).

Looking at the online registration system the Kawada Hotel and Wilshire Plaza Hotel still have availability and are more reasonably priced. Does anyone have good or bad experiences at either of these hotels? Some of the online review sites have questionable feedback but it’d be nice to hear from someone who might have stayed there for a previous SIGGRAPH conference.



I’m also looking for someone to split a room with. Never been to siggraph or L.A.


I’m a student volunteer this year and I’m looking for a roomate. You don’t have to be a Student Volunteer… just someone willing to split a room from monday - friday. Its at the milineum biltmore hotel it has full shuttle service to an from the event. the siggraph site has a map so you can see the location. it’s somewhat in between the event and the HQ hotel.

so get a hold of me I have a room to share for $344 for the week. thats about half.

I live near terre haute indiana, but willing to share with anyone from anywhere.

prefer email but will check this thread until I find someone. howk309 [at] mailcan {dot} com


I emailed you about the room. I Would like to put my name in the hat and learn more about the digs.


Hey. I’m a Student Volunteer as well. If you already have a roommate, that’s cool, but if you want, we can try to split it up three ways. I’m cool with crashing on the floor. :smiley:


I like lossencts idea. cheaper is better. :smiley: I too am a student. :buttrock:


I’ll check the email. I am fine with the more the merrier idea. but one problem I can think of is teh shuttle braceletts they only give them out per people in the room. people that are supposed to be in the room like a double rrom get 2 shuttle tags. at least thats how it was 2 years ago when I went. I get back to you on email. I checked the forum before I cehcked my mail :slight_smile:

but we did con them out of about 3 more bracelets though in boston so it probably won’t be hard to do it this year.


Hm. Well, that’s something I didn’t think of. I’m sure there’s some sort of contingency for more than two people per room. That’s ridiculous. :surprised


The number of shuttle tags they give you is the number of people registered in the official SIGGRAPH hotel. So there are two options:

  • either only register 2 people and hence get 2 shuttle wistbands, even if you pack more people into the room. If it’s close to the convention center the point is moot since you could probably walk it.
  • or edit the reservation and add more people. Your nightly rate will be a bit higher, but since you’re splitting between more people you’ll actually pay less per person. And get more shuttle wristbands anyway.


I emailed you both but I’ll post it here. I’m ok with rooming with both of you. So I gues my room is full now! :beer: I’m sure the shuttle pass won’t be an issue. we’ll figure something out. but I’ll email both of you again with the reservation info and anymore info that I receive from now until the event.

Wooo!! I’m getting excited to go now!


Just make sure you add them to the list on the SIGGRAPH approved hotel roster thing. I had alot of trouble with this in Boston and there were only 2 of us! San Diego worked it out much better and as long as you put some names down you should be fine. They can also usually be purchased at the Registration Hall for about $75. Or, sometimes you can find attendees who don’t need them, and would be willing to part with them for like $20-30.

The best thing to do though would be to just keep the 2 people, pay less per night, then split the cost of the 3rd wrist band. You can just split the $75 three ways instead of splitting an extra $25/night for 5 nights 3 ways… etc. You can do math you get the idea. :beer:


how would I add the names to the hotel “roster” i’m not sure how to do that. I remember that the hotel asked who the second person would be when I registered but I didn’t know at the time.


I would recommend using www.tripadvisor.com to get opinions on hotels. They can be kinda extreme on there, so you have to kinda find a medium ground but it’s good information.


Did you register through SIGGRAPH or some 3rd party travel website? You need to have registered through SIGGRAPH and call / email them and let them know you want to add names to your room and be sure you get the extra bracelets. If you go 3rd party it can be a bit of a hassle, because each hotel will get a big booklet of names of people who registered through the SIGGRAPH portal, and those are the people who will get bracelets easiest. Just give them a call, be proactive! Good luck.


No need to even call. You should be able to change your reservation and add more people through the online system.

But be careful, when I was doing that a couple of years ago I almost booked another room by accident (the online system was not very clear on this options).



Any one have idea of MAYA compatibility issue with windows service Pack 3 . I guess it will work fine.


I am looking for a roomate right now, the guy i was gonna go with bailed on me. I booked the Miyako Inn hotel $139 a night. Im pretty much on all the time so just msg me.


I am looking for a roomate right now, the guy i was gonna go with bailed on me. I booked the Miyako Inn hotel $139 a night. Im pretty much on all the time so just msg me.