Housing Interior, Gurmukh Panesar (3D)


Title: Housing Interior
Name: Gurmukh Panesar
Country: Kenya
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Just a quick image for a class project. Design, modelling and rendering by self.


The image looks nice, architecture great, lighting looks good too.

I think the floor looks a bit rough and I can see the texture repeating. The stairs look like they’re lacking some detail. I don’t think you’ll ever see glass supporting itself and a banister like that, something should really be holding it up.



Thanks for the criticism, really appreciate it. I did this one in a hurry as we had 7 projects that year that we had to complete to detail. I did the modelling and rendering in 2 hours for this image so it isn’t really the best but your criticism will help me refine future images


Both the concrete and the wood seem a little too specular, making them look almost wet. I would think that concrete inside will have a very dry finish. Also the floorboards are very contrastful, but thats more personal opinion. Maybe the plastic table is a bit too reflective also. The table glass could be more reflective, it kind of disappears now. Alternatively put something directly on it.

  • and I also think the stairs need proper detailing.


In my opinion, the only thing that gives it away is the curtain. The rest look really nice.


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