House model tutorial to COD4 or something


Well i really need a lowpoly house model from Call Of Duty 4 or something.I need to see the construction and the denseity of such mesh,And how its build,I have major difficulys when i try to build a lowpoly model coz i have no clue how to do.

Is there a tutorial for this kind of thing?i found nothing.

I use 3ds max and want to create a building i can walk inside like a higher house.



ty building the outer shape and use the shell modificator to make the planes to walls
the rest is adding a floor you can walk on^^

but this is a really basic building method without any details


go to and check call of duty 4 trailers. There r couple “making of” videos. There is one that breaks down existing level into passes: wire, shading, normal, diffuse, final lighting. U could see mesh structure very well there.

Also u don’t necessary need to see CoD4 assets, just check any currently released games. For example, check Crysis. Here a useful thread :


Thanks alot for the help!!Well hope that guy wright a tutorial some day.Cant find any tutorial simular to that kind of master piece.Well i give it a try but it always go wrong in the end



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