House For Sale, Marcel Laverdet (3D)


Title: House For Sale
Name: Marcel Laverdet
Country: France
Software: (Other), Carrara, Rhino, ZBrush

Hello!..nice home for vacations, uhhh… modelled in rhino,rendered in carrara, with just an hdri sky light, but the main work was of course to texture all the parts… so I should like to mention the free little program of Steve Cox, uv mapper, which has been extensively used here!.. hope you like it, and if not, crits and comments are of course appreciated!..


hi celmar…this looks really good.

I would love to see the wireframes of this scene.


c’est bien délire !! :thumbsup:


I love it. Very real looking but with a hint of cartoon. Great work.


AWSOME man!!.. I love the grass


Great texture work! :thumbsup:
Love it! Keep it up!


Yes, a wire would be great to see… how did you do the ground with the grass and dirt. It looks so real.


This image is seriously cool! I love the detail you’ve put in here, a feast for the eyes! A question about the grass towards the front of the image, was it done with images of real grass composited together or by some other method?

Superb stuff!


Sweet work man, I like it!


Great work
the sky could be better:)


Great job Marcel ! really beautiful picture ! :thumbsup:


thank you for your comments, and feeling!.. to answer, as often, a wire for objects “coming” from zbrush is not very interesting, as it is very “crowded”, and dark… the objects come from rhino, and already the topology from nurbs is’nt very nice; once subdivided and “push pulled” in zbrush, it’s difficult to read… anyway, it’s very simple modelling, and (shame on me) a lot of primitives, too!.. for the grass, 3 things: most of the ground is applied on a plane which has the global form of the terrain; - in the foreground, the “first” grass are photo of grass, with white around, and a mask “black-white” for the transparencie… by that way, the grass can have shadows, and (not here) reflection and so on, very near of a real geometry… I’ve draw a green cross, on thge polygon where the texture has been applied… finally, of course, there is a postr work in phototshop…


Love it! Very cute house and everything, almost looks like a tabletop diaframe.
Maybe you could have found a different way to give it depth instead of blurring the far background, like a path going from the edge of picture towards the house.

Original work, congrats, keep it up :slight_smile:


je ne connais pas carrara en tant qu’utilisateur mais c’est tres bien jouer, bonne ambiance et atmosphere elfique !!

great job as usual !good composition man :wink:


ho nice work celmar…I like it.


Excellent texture work.


Hey! It doesn’t matter if it’s simple modeling and primitives. It shows in the work-picture you sent. But it’s the end result that matters! It doesn’t matter if the grass is faked or added afterwards and so on… It’s all and all a good composition and there is a good mood and feeling in the picture.

You’ve done great!




amazing work, love it


very nice atmosphere…i love texture…:applause: