houdini way toooo small on 4k display


I am trying to get houdini 16.5 to work on my Sony 4k display and the text and icons are way too small to even read. I have done a lot of searching, reading and trying out possible solutions and nothing seems to work. Houdini is the only program, out of many that I have on my computer for video, audio and graphics, that has this problem. I have tried windows 10 scaling options, adding a new line in the win 10 registry and the high dpi setting in houdini preferences and nothing fixes the problem.

Would anyone have a fix for this? Does anyone else using Houdini 16.5 have this problem?


I don’t have this issue, but i would try to change Houdini’s .pref file, there is a file called ui.pref, it contains settings for the UI, and there is a line:
general.ui.size := “Normal”;
Try messing with that file and see if it helps. The file itself is in your “Documents/Houdini 16.5” folder (on Windows)