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After a lot of research and testing of different software packages I’ve decided that I want to learn Houdini. There are a bunch of references to Houdini tutorials on 3dbuzz.com, but they only have 5. One is from od[force], two are from digital producer, and the other two are from lewkik.com (one of them is 5 years old!). There are a bunch of video tutorials from the Sydney VisLab, and a couple from Visual Paradigms. Besides the User Guide that comes with it, this is all I can find. I feel like I’m missing something because there are at least twice as many tutorials for all the other 3d programs on 3dbuzz except Electric Image.

Am I missing something or are there a lack of tutorials for Houdini? If there aren’t any more tutorials I’m still up for the challenge of learning Houdini, but more tutorials will simplify things.

Thanks a lot!


nope…that’s about it.

in the pre-5.5 days there was about 350MB of demo files that shipped with Houdini - examples of all the SOPs and CHOPs etc…super learning material - there are AFAIK plans to update this material for 6.1+, but as you can imagine this is a huge job, so it will take some time. I do know that as 6.1 comes closer to being final there will be more tutorials and documentation.
But from what is out there now (there are 3 new Houdini VTMs at 3DBuzz) you should be able to get a very good beginning with Houdini and then go from there on your own…



But do you have any idea what the time frame (even a rough estimate) is for 6.1 or the documentation?


It’lll be out soon. 6.1 is turning out to be quite a long beta at this point. Someone on the SESI forums said they were now feature locked and they were stomping bugs and putting together docs. I imagine they’ll probably be looking at the next release as a final candidate. So, I’m hoping they have all their documentation and 6.1 final before Thanksgiving in the US. I’m sure it’ll be done well before Christmas at any rate.

If you have any questions at all, ask them at odforce, on the mail list, at the SESI forums, or on 3D Buzz. People at odforce are particularly helpful.

BTW, Buzz has a Houdini class going, it’s free, and module 2 is starting up. I was reading he’s not going to make those videos available except through the class, so maybe you wnt to sign up for that so you can get the videos. Mosule 2 is all about expressions and particles. He’s doing AI and crowd simulation stuff.



Where are the free 3dbuzz classes?


Register on 3DBuzz.com and you’ll have the sidebar on the left - click on ‘Online Classes’ and select the Houdini one…


your kidding right. I can’t think of any other company that provides training better. There is over 4GB of video here.

Go Here and use the left menu to go to the appropriate tut.


yeah…6.1 should be soon - within the next couple of months…

We expect to be able to release 6.1 later this year. At this point no new features are being added and all the efforts are going towards product stability and docs/tutorials.

the Sidney Vislab has done the Houdini community a HUGE favor by hosting the Side Effects training material, along with the updates of Houdini itself. the videos are really quite good and you can get up to speed very quickly with them.


Mwai Kasamale, I totally agree with you there. It’s like, go to www.sidefx.com, choose community, and then there’s this big circle which reads “Video Tutorials”. I mean, was it really that hard to find?

Even on 3D Buzz itself, I count a full 20 chapters of video material which sum up to almost 8 hours worth. And that doesn’t even count all those new effects VTMs that Buzz did for the online course.


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