Houdini Tutorial and Tips


some houdini german tutorials:


http://houdini-howto.com seem very nice but unfurtonately (for me :smiley: ) they’r in russian




nice tuts, thanks!



2 books, The Magic of Houdini and Houdini On the Spot:


Peter Quint ZBrush new tut: http://vimeo.com/22488816


I have two tutorials on my site. Just added the second a couple mins ago.

One is a basic tutorial for modeling and expressions, the other is a more advanced CHOPS tutorial.


I recently bought ‘The magic of houdini’ and is a great book for artists who migrate or start with Houdini.

Do not forget vimeo channel of Peter Quint, with 115 tutorials to date: http://vimeo.com/channels/54102 :thumbsup:


Thanks for all the links I have just started using Houdini and these will come in handy


I just posted a (rather large) tutorial on fluid solvers and houdini’s dynamic environment on my site.
The package contains a pdf and multiple files + otls to get you going. Based on a 2 day masterclass I’ve given in Seoul.



This is excellent material, thank you Coen!


No worries, thought i’d share some of my work. It’s been a while and I generally don’t have much time sharing what i’ve done. Figured keeping a site might get me going :wink:

Questions please mail! Cheers Coen


Also worth a mention are Pete Bowmar (and others’) cg-masters tuts. Don’t be put off that they’re H11, they’re still relevant.






Funny, I thought rolling a box would be easy. But there was more too it than I thought.

I learned some cool tricks at this tutorial Garman made for VizyAcky.com



I wanna see the world learn and burn. :smiley:


Here is a playlist of tutorials I created for this project



not real tutorials but amazing:





real treasures…


Someone say rolling cubes?




wow! :keenly:


We have just released a new volume to our Houdini Jumpstart Series from Adam Swaab

----Intro To VOPS----

Houdini VOPS is a powerful multi-threaded environment for building tools and components of tools in Houdini.

This tutorial goes through the ins and outs of VOPS, going through many short examples to get you ready to harness the full power of VOPS. We also do a quick intro to pure coding in vex, as vex is the underlying language of VOPS.

In the final chapter, we show how to create our version of a polygon effector, similar to one you may see in Cinema 4D.

----Intro To VOPS----

If you are not familiar with this fantastic series then you can see all the titles available HERE

Thank you