Houdini smoke to Cinema 4D Physical Renderer


Hey Guys,

I’ll just start by saying that I’m fairly new to C4D and Houdini so please forgive me for my noob question!

So, I’ve created a short smoke animation in Houdini and exported it as a .vdb file. Once I import it into Cinema (r20 using the Physical Renderer) the file appears in the viewport and animates but nothing is present upon rendering - just a blank screen. I have a scene set up with lights but still nothing. I’m looking to create a still for the final result - Just an exploratory composition piece like you see on Behance. Would greatly appreciate any guidance on this one. Thanks, guys!


Physical Render doesn’t support volumetric rendering (yet at least).

Support for volumes and vdb were introduced in R20 but only for modelling purpose (meshing) at the moment.

This is likely to be on the roadmap, but as of today, and as far as I know, you need a third party renderer to render a vdb as smoke/fire etc…


Thanks for letting me know, Eric!