Houdini Engine for 3ds max


Hey folks,

As a Max user wanting to leverage the power of Houdini’s VFX tools I am trying to find out if “Houdini Engine for 3ds max” is still relevant today, specifically for 3DS Max 2018.

Can anyone comment on the current state of the tool that allows Houdini assets to be used within 3ds Max? Is it still being developed?

I have discovered a download on GitHub but it looks like nothing has been changed for years and I cannot tell if the script will work with the latest Max 2018 at all.

I have already posted a reply in the news section of these forums relating to the topic but I have a feeling that it may not see the light of day so forgive me for double-posting.

I thank you for any information.


From I hear, stay tuned



Will do.


Is there any news on this?



This was the latest I heard … See 15:20 into this video. “Coming in 2018”



Looks good from the video!

Thanks again dantea. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the Max version!


How would u guys render?
It is $800/node/year.


At least with the game engine plugins it creates static assets that don’t require the plugin to use. Though changing the assets and caching out new data requires the plugins. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Max implementation were similar.


Released! https://www.sidefx.com/products/houdini/whats-new/