Houdini Engine for 3ds Max is now available,


Thank you strob for the links.
That’s really impressive indeed.


Sadly nothing calling animation from houdini is working. I mean you can animate the parameters in max, but you can’t use a solver from houdini for example. This is something that works with the houdini engine for maya but since it’s kind of beta in max, it doesn’t work yet. I tried importing a finite element solver in max and when pressing play it didn’t work.

I just loaded this voronoid fracture asset from orbolt and it works very fast and I can animate the explode parameter and it works.


the ocean deformer from orbolt is animating too but from Houdini it seems…


the particle mesher is working very fast but doesn’t update on time change. We have to press update on each frame.


a Houdini L-System in 3ds max. this one updates on time too (I can make the tree grow).


but to create all this assets you still need a houdini lic and a TD that is able to create all that…


Yes, you still need a cg artist to create the cg assets :slight_smile: But you gain the flexibility of Houdini, which is something autodesk is just not capable of creating apparently. So Sidefx swoops in an saves the day :slight_smile:


lol … like max having to create separate scenes just to render matte objects or being tied to 1 set of render settings per scene. who on earth works like that anymore ???



Excellent! Thank you strob for the examples.
For the mesher samples, did you mesh 3dsmax particles or is the houdini asset?


Not sure where you got your info but the above is simply not true?


At least they are trying to do something similar now…


Unfortunately I am living it in part of my company pipeline. :banghead: But not to worry after this show max is getting binned completely.


I just mentioned that because it seems that many artist think the limit is profit.
Your situation might be a little better than US artist since Canadian dollar dopped.
But, for US artist, $100,000 before any expenses is not that much.
If someone is working at home alone in a small city, maybe.


Are there any restrictions for the digital assets on what you can and can’t do? They don’t seem to work very often.
Example otl of an asset not working


strob did you have time to test this out?
I’m trying to make it work but no success so far, I only get one frame of particles when I import it in max (frame number 2 and not the first, that’s odd)
One thing I noticed is that the simulation goes on and the file increases in size progressively, but decreases as well to a small amount at the end.
Maybe I’m not choosing the right SOP to render in houdini


Hi Boumay, Not yet, I’ll do it soon , this week I hope. I’ll let you know.


Thank you strob, I’m looking forward, this is really interesting if we can make it work.


Can anyone tell me if Houdini Engine for Max is still being developed or has it been abandoned?

No updates for years it seems.