Houdini 16.5 Sneak Peek!


A preview of some of the amazing new tools in Houdini 16.5 such as motion path editing, crowd banking, partial rag dolls, polyreduce, uvlayout, rounded edge rendering, narrow band flip simulations, optical flow, gamepad camera, terrain transplanting and so much more.

The planned released date for Houdini 16.5 is November 7, 2017.



the link has a tag characters (<br>) at the end making video unreachable.


The link has been fixed - thanks


Incredible. I keep saying it but I need to learn Houdini.

I love how you guys are the absolute opposite of Autodesk, new features, non commercial version, brilliant pricing for freelance artists. The absolute dream.


All Houdini videos look so awesome.
So, is there anything about Houdini which is not that great?


I’m sorry if I possibly ask something obvious (I have absolutely no experience with Houdini at all but also always am impressed with their videos).
Does air incompressibility also includes having an air/wind field? As shown in this video or was this already taken care of in Houdini?


Hey! The air incompressibility feature is meant to prevent air regions from collapsing in the fluid. This gives the bubble effect. It doesn’t create the air-field velocity required to get the misty look.


Well done SideFX. I think you just killed Maya dead in the VFX space. :bounce:

Of all your videos, this one was the one that really made me want to learn Houdini.

Very impressive. Keep innovating!


[b]might be… check >

CGT [/b]


So as someone who has no idea about either, is this better than the dynamics in Maya ? Is Houdini a complete solution or does it also require a myriad of plugins.


houdini does not need plugins… but a good understanding of houdini and how a graph works…
you get the nodes and have todo your own thing… nothing for me…