Houdini 12.1.230 apprentice running absolutely horrible on my system


Hi guys,

I downloaded houdini apprentice just now to play around and learn it. Problem is it is running so bad I can’t even do the simplest things. It takes about 1 minute to boot up (from a SSD) and the whole software freezes and becomes unresponsive in about 3-4 minutes of working.

Any idea what I can do to make it run smooth? Literally every other app runs fine except houdini. I am on a i7 920 and Gtx 470 video card running Windows 8. I think I am using the latest drivers for the gfx card.

Thanks for any help.


Crap looks like it is a known issue :frowning:



12.5 is right around the corner. I wonder what tomorrow (March 14) will bring…


Don’t use the latest Nvidia drivers, use an older one. 306.97 works for me.

I read somewhere Nvidia is aware of the issue, but it won’t be fixed until driver version 319 if I remember it right. So just stick with 306.97 for now.


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