Hoteru no aoi, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Hoteru no aoi
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Personal work.

“Hoteru no aoi” means “hotel blues” in Japanese (to the best of my knowledge!).

I tried to create a piece reminiscent of Japanese glamour / AV photography, and to emulate the composition, mood and lighting style.

The girl was made from scratch. Lit with regular 3dmax scanline spotlights and omnis.

Hope you like it.


Nice one bud! Loving the lighting.
Did you reference any of Chris Sander’s characters for the face?


lovely piece!

personally id make the eyes a tad more closed.
would emphesize the eventualy longing, but thats just me.


I like it as many of your works AndyH :thumbsup: .

Just a little crit about the exposure of your picture .

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems a little under-exposed. Perhaps enhancing the outdoor light just a little could helps about that …

Except that great character design with very appealing shapes :wink:


Hi ANdy. That is just excellent. Nice to see you on anoher mood.


Actually it means “Hotel of Blue” or “Blue Hotel”.

Did you want to say blues, like sadness?



Once again an nice style!


very great work sir! I really love your character models, they are always fantastic. :slight_smile:


I really love your unique style (whole portfolio). This piece has a soul. I love especialy her face. Nice touch with window reflection…beautiful work!

Keep feeding us with such gems Andy…




amz work
all your works is great


Amazing work my friend ^^
I love her face :smiley:


Nice :slight_smile:
Very cool light and funny model :slight_smile:



Nice work, very pretty


I think she is a bit cold!


Completely awsome work, i really like the overall mood in this image a lot!

GrtZ, Tim


Amazing o_o
I really, really, really like the nose and upper lip. And the eyes… She totally looks alive. Great mood too.
Love it, probably one of your best ever.


What a nice girl :applause:


cool :thumbsup:

the only one thing - the nose bridge seems a bit wide
possibly because of the lighting


Really cute


character is not good but the scenery is not bad.congrat!