Hotel Room, Nadiya Tarasyuk (3D)


Title: Hotel Room
Name: Nadiya Tarasyuk
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max

Commercial interior
The image was made using 3ds max7 and Vray render, postproduction in photoshop
Hardware Athlon 64 X2 4200+, 2 Gb RAM render time 5 hours


Very nice render! The faint sunbeam is a nice touch.


lovely stuff, nice one :thumbsup:


lots of nice detail and decent lighting.


One of the best lighting I´ve seen so far! Amazing!


Excelent work and render !
Congrats Nadiya !


This is really breathtaking! Perhaps the rims of the sofa are a bit to sharp and the texture on the carpet is a bit to rough, but that are just minor points.


Nice lighting inside the room. :thumbsup:


Excellent work.


Very nice, without a doubt amazing. But I would suggest either adding some reflectivity to the chandelier white lamp shades, and/or try making them not so translucent. Otherwise, amazing.


Feels like you can really be there in that room.
I wonder how much that room is on a nightly basis :slight_smile:

The atmosphere is captured very nicely and the lighting too. The objects in the room are all top notch (sofa arms seem thin though).

Im gonna give this plenty of stars.


sweet ass render!!..perfect!


Great work! Texturing and lighting is SUPERB!! Great work on the modeling also. The flowers on the tables are perfect :smiley:


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