Hotel Lobby, Austris Cingulis (3D)


Title: Hotel Lobby
Name: Austris Cingulis
Country: Latvia
Software: 3ds max

Visualisation of a five star hotel lobby. Restoration of a historic building. The task was to create feeling of luxury and warmth.
Made with 3ds max, vray and photoshop.


This is quite a nice scene but, especially the first image, I think the lighting is a bit over exposed. Both the direct sunlight as well as the interior lamps feel a bit bright. Over all the contrast could be tweaked to bring out the shadow and maybe the addition of an ambient occlusion pass would bring out some more detail.



I totally disagree. It may be a matter of the display device though.

I really like the mood on this one, it feels very warm and comfy - you feel kinda ‘welcome’, just like a hotel lobby would want you to.

I also believe there IS ambient occlusion - but as there is pretty much light (hence also indirect), I wouldn’t overdo it.


Very realistic renders. I especially like the second picture.


Beautiful work. I’d love to stay at that hotel.


Lighting is fine, good depth of light to dark. For me the wallpaper/texture could use a little more attention, but over all nice feel


Pretty good image… I would change a bit the images through the glass. Maybe a huge light entrance.


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