Hotel in Yokohama


Hello there!

My name is Keita Miyamura, one of the committee members of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Internship Program, writing in behalf of our chair, Matsuyama-san.

As we get ready for SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, I would like to provide you with some hotel information around Pacifico Yokohama, where the conference will take place at. If you already have a place to stay during the conference, please disregard this messege.

First, here is a link to the official travel and housing information for the conference attendees.

We understand that many of you are still students, and might be looking for a cheaper accommodation. Here are two hotel/hostels we were found. They are both close to the conference site. FYI, Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel is the hotel we chose to provide for the internees with housing.

Yokohama Hostel Village

Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel
Address:5-65 Ota-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0011 JAPAN

Last but not least, we feel very sorry for those of you who applied for housing but unfortunately were not granted with. We really hope that your economic problems will not deter you from attending this wonderful opportunity to meet many people from around the world in Yokohama, Japan.

If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to ask us any questions!