Hotel Bedroom, Nicolas Marino (3D)


Title: Hotel Bedroom
Name: Nicolas Marino
Country: Argentina
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is a room for an important hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The client wanted to achieve a warm and appealing feeling.
Personally, I´m still not happy with the results on the pillows since I didn´t have enough time to work thouroughly on that nor I didn´t know a faster way to get better results, so please I´d love to hear comments on that and whatever other comment will be of course welcome.


Good pict!
It really has got a warm feeling! I think the materials and textures are quite good, except that red fabric, it has got too small map, maybe if u would choose a bigger texture, it can be more realistic, without that dense repetition.
The carpet, and the bed materials are really realistic! And the lighting too!
Anyway, excellent work! 5stars!


Looks great! Keep up the good work.


a Very nice attempt , in fact the realastic and wormth level are high , but the cuirten need from your attention alitle bit more.


i love your lighting and materail very great


wow that is soooooooooooooo good :thumbsup:
Excellent lights and textures

Keep up the good work


looks damn awesome. i love it.

only real crit is that i would not have used the same texture on the back pillows as the chair (the orange texture). i like them both being similar in color to tie things together, but maybe just a simple orange on the pillow would suffice.

if in fact they are different textures, never mind me. they just look similar.

all in all, fantastic job. i wish i had more hands, so i could give this piece 4 thumbs up!!


Great work!

Good lights, very good textures. And it gives a very pleasant, warm feeling.
Simply I just cannot find any flaw, or error on the picture.
5 stars!


Fantastic work…you achived the warm and appealing feeling. congrats:thumbsup:


wow guys ! thank you sooo much for your feedback, it makes me really happy ! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Very nice scene! I love the blanket, it looks so good. I like the materials, too, especially the wall covering, the carpet and the blanket. I like the curtains, though I think I see some repetition in the texture. Otherwise they look really nice. The tray on the bed is a nice touch.

As for the pillows, the orange ones look good (though I agree that it might be better to make them a different material from the chair). The front pillows seem a bit lumpy, otherwise they look nice.

So all in all, I think you’ve done a great job, and the picture does give the room a warm, inviting feeling. :slight_smile:


I agree the red texture on the chair is too tiling and not so good.

but the bed is just so well done. Is it your model or from a model library?


Awesome work

i love it:thumbsup:


This scene looks great! The lighting is natural- very good! The red chair doesnt look to be mapped properly though- a little stretching and repetition.


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