Hotel at Stemnitsa, Ilias Albanis (3D)


Title: Hotel at Stemnitsa
Name: Ilias Albanis
Country: Greece
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Well this also was fun in the making, Vray Sun Sky Camera and Vray Displacement everywere! Unfortunetly it is not finished and it never will be, because the client will not pay for it, does that sound familiar to you? Apparently he thinks that a good designer doesnt need a good salary for his work. I know that sounded familiar to you! Anyway, as always comments are welcome, about the image and about this little story. Thanks


Hello Ilias! I like your work very much , though in some points it needs a little more detail (if you get paid of course, otherwise, go find some other client! :wink: I live in Greece as well, and although it is not an exclusively greek phenomenon to not get paid, it doesn’t surprise me at all). For example, the stones at the corner of the walls, and those on the grass, don’t look very real, in my opinion. The wood looks really smooth and warm, i like it, and the general shading of the scene is warm also.
Irrelevant issue: Isn’t Stemnitsa close to Dimitsana at Arkadia? I’ve been there! Great place!

Good luck, and over all, patience!


Goodmorning and thanks about the comments, and i agree, my work needs more detail, but my clients never give me the time needed for a good study… most of the time, they give me a week if im lucky. Thanks again, and sorry but i dont know if dimitsana is close


hi ilias. this image looks good :slight_smile: and it is already detailed very much. in my opinion u may use some photoshop for post production to finish your work more quickly. in addition, bump can be useful instead of displacement map. so render time not gonna be so long:) time always is an important consideration for the customers. sometimes they give me only one day to finish the work.


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