~HOT-ROD~'27 FORD DirtTrack-WIP-


Hi all !
Here’s my new project, based on a friend of mine’s. It’s the third car I’m modeling, so don’t hesitate to be harsh in your comments, though I won’t change anything on it since it’s an actual vehicule and I’m trying to do the most accurate replica possible.
I mean I won’t change the wheels for other ones for example, or put the license plate elsewhere, you see ?
I know the texturing part will be a nightmare (it’s voluntarily rusted and hand painted !), but I won’t begin it untill I’m done with the modeling part (except the wheels, I wanted them to be quickly textured to show the owner a first quick render).
Here are some pics.





Thanks in advance for taking time to C&C. Stay tuned !


Nice work! That is so cool. I think the brake lines are too thin though.


Thanks Bryan Y for your input ! You’re right about the break lines. Easy to fix : they’re just renderable splines, in case of…


Very detailed model so far! :eek: :applause:

Haha, I don’t know why, but the first image looks very CG like even though its a reference. I thought that was a render but an impressive one that matched… The paint scattered to much for me to beleive it…must be just the paint though, haha.

Nice so far :slight_smile:


Very detailed model so far! :eek: :applause:

Haha, I don’t know why, but the first image looks very CG like even though its a reference. I thought that was a render but an impressive one that matched… The paint scattered too much for me to beleive it…must be just the paint though on the real car. Shows how real some CG images can look now to even critisise real…

Nice so far :slight_smile:


This is so incredible! Absolutely fantastic, I am knocked out :thumbsup: :beer:

Can you tell what kind of modelling technique(s) are you using? I am total amateur and I have hard time visualising how did you do certain parts. I am especially interested in “differential” part and the part which I highlighted at the bottom of this post - both as seen in this picture http://www.image-dream.com/membre/up2/FastForward/27RearDetailsWEB.jpg

I noticed (?) one thing - it’s highly possible it’s only a visual deception (camera angle or anything else), since you got access to the car in reality I’m sure you’ve modelled it properly - but - shouldn’t these two surfaces be flat? Also, the lower part marked with arrow seems to be too big compared to the upper one in your model (it’s 50/50 in your model while it looks like in real car it’s more 1/4 vs 3/4)? I don’t have good eye, I am more a musician than visual artist :wink:

Excellent work man! I love your other cars aswell, it’s just far out :buttrock: Good luck!


Greate model !


Great work so far, love those wheels & tyres :slight_smile:


Aaahhh… vintage cars. A refreshing change from modern cars. Great start!
I like the tyres :slight_smile: Did you modeled the tyre treads or was it bump, displacement mapping?


Hi all ! Thanks for viewing and commenting !

@Kage06 : Thanks man. I wish my final render will be as realistic !:slight_smile:
@IvanThaDriver : Glad you like ! I just replied to your private message.
About my modeling technique, I use several of them depending on the part I’m modeling. For example, the body is polymodeled (I start with just one poly and shift-drag edges), for the “differential” (I don’t know the exact name, but that kind is usually called a QuickChange), I started with a quarter cylinder with two symetry modifiers (horizontal and vertical) and…shift-drag edges to get the proper shape, and for most of the other parts, I use boxmodeling, starting with a primitive.
You’re right about the taillight : the upper lens should be flat, and the proportions between the upper and lower are a bit wrong. I’ll work on it and post an update ASAP.
Sharp eye for a musician !:wise:
@mindwarps & garethgeezer : thanks guys for commenting. Glad you like it !
@juln : Thanks man. About the tires, I took the (good?/bad?) habit to model them. They’re all geometry ! It’s not easy and the polycount is incredibly high but it’s the price for realism, I think.
Again, thanks for your time.
See you.


looking good… keep it up


Hey there, I’m replying a bit late. But that’s because the pictures from your first post weren’t working the past few days. (Think it was just my computer)

I like all the details small on the car and the car itself is also pretty cool…
Just a off-topic question: Is he allowed to drive in that thing? Cause it looks kindof like it’s gonna fall apart any second :shrug:

Take a look at my finally finished Ford Roadster if you like :slight_smile:

and keep us updated, if you have the time :scream:


thanks Man for your comment. I’m very pleased you like it.
About your question, since it’s “officially” a vintage car (though it’s homemade from scratch, but don’t tell anyone:) ), yes he is allowed to ride it. it’s better not to run more than 90/100 km/h, because it becomes VERY dangerous beyond a certain speed. It’s kind of…fragile, you see.
I already commented your finished Ford Roadster : congrats, man !
I’ll post updates as soon as there’s something new AND interesting to show. I just modeled a couple of parts on the front, nothing fancy, at least nothing worth being shown here. But be sure I’ll keep you updated. Keep an eye on it !
See you !


hehe cool car chris, and seems your model is on the good way.
waiting to see some update.
keep it up!


Another great work from you!
I like the old time cars and all the memories they bring us.
I’ll be waiting for the next steps…

Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Nice and clean… You did a great job ther my friend… Keep it up !


The back tire looks a little bit skinny and the tire treads could be a bit wider but the treads are not as a big o a problem. Also the gas tank looks a bit elongated compared to your refrence shot.
Other than that the model is turning out great FastForward.



wow !
man, that is incredible work, great detailed job. Nice to see you with a new project, this is promising stuff. suggestion: It would be nice if this has old ruffed up textures.
Keep working on it, and keep us updated

cheers :thumbsup:


Any progress yet? :scream:


whooo , look really cool
the details are really impressive

are you going too keep it in it present ‘‘rat’’ look
or would we see a shiny hot rod ?