Hostels: a great (and cheap) way to siggraph!


Last year in San Diego I stayed in a hostel, and I’m planning on doing so again this year. It was absolutely FANTASTIC, there were at least a dozen other siggraphers staying there, and we’d all hang out in groups, and yak in the common room till 3 am. A couple other CGtalkers and somebody from CGarchitect were there. The place I stayed was like 6 blocks from the convention center, in the middle of the gaslamp district, very nice.

The best part-- most hostels are about $20 a night! So if you’re still looking for a place to stay and can’t find a roomie to help pay for a hotel that’s like 3 times that price, check out a hostel instead!

Hostelling isn’t for everybody, the accomodations aren’t like a hotel, there are dorm rooms and shared bathrooms-- but there’s usually a kitchen, often free breakfasts, and some of the hostels in LA have free shuttle service to different locations (not sure which ones).

None seem to be quite in walking distance of the convention center, but there are at least half a dozen in easy shooting distance-- two are on the beach, there’s like eight in Hollywood, and so on.

Check them out on this page!

Here’s one of Strob’s photos of the common room at the place in San Diego-- I can name just about everybody in that picture, one got a job at ILM like two weeks later, most are from other countries, great buncha guys I miss them!


I have to agree with you there.
(Even though it’s Ramada for me this year.)

It’s fun to meet random European backpackers and hear their crazy travel stories.


That’s an interesting idea. Too bad I wasnt thinking about it before I registered in my hotel.


Heh, I stayed at that Hostel (USA Hostels San Diego), too (recognize the
common room from the photo…). Hostels are a great (and not to mention
very affordable) place to stay, though standing in line for a show in the morning
may get on your nerves ;). I still remember that my room had a windows
directly opposite the exhaust grate of the air-conditioning of the nearby restaurant
(couldn’t close it either, would have suffocated then), which didn’t really help
getting sleep there. Nevertheless, it was a great time and I’m staying at a hostel
this SIGGRAPH, too :slight_smile:

I think at the time a large percentage of the guests were there for SIGGRAPH, it
was really amusing at the breakfast table when you realized that most people
around you were there for the same reason as you (‘Oh, you’re here for SIGGRAPH ?
Oh, you too ?, …’).


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