Horse, Priymuk Sergey (3D)


I absoluetely this piece, very inspirational. The colours and style all fi perfectly. Is there anyway I could get this at a wallpaper res? possibly 1280x1024?


this is nice, reminds me of a cartoon from bestie. Shark eats the diver and is advised from another to spit out the hard bits - “They make you fart” :slight_smile:


Awesome! I love it!


looks good!


FUNNY! hahahah! Seahorses are cute IMO:)

great job!


Wow very funny! Nice idea :slight_smile:


Would look great as a poster. Great work.


This image is fun and alive! I like it a lot!


At firs time looks nice and funny. Good artistic job!!!
My comment is about the water plant at the background.
For me is to big!!!
So for the composition seems like the diver is shrinked rather than horse were giant.
Well I realy dont know what was you real intention.

That kind of peace I like to see!! Art instead of technical stuff.
Keep going!!! :thumbsup:


I really don’t comment on too many pictures, although i do think many are just awsome, I have to write to give you kudos on this pic. This is awsome, just perfect, I love the theme, the colors, the render, just everything about it… so simple but so perfect, KUDOS to you!


Excellent idea! :slight_smile:


I like it! The concept is very cute and so is the Style!


funny concept and good picture ,
my first post for my favourite :beer:


Hi very nice work! I like your compositing!


Great work but overall great idea.
Really good job man :wink:


Wonderful work and very cute too.


Its awsome :smiley:


I enjoy that alot. It gave me a laugh and is very creative. Not to mention well drawn!



funny pic especially the little diving guy.Make a the shader of the sea horse more translucent maybe is better.The fin is a little rough.Interesting work anyway.


I like your material!Your SSS Material is very best!So your Horse is real alive!