Horse, Priymuk Sergey (3D)


Great Image / Concept / Execution!
I really love the picture.

Only crits I can offer are to maybe darken and blur the background a bit more to make the elements in the foreground (sea-horse and scuba diver) stand out a bit more.

Also, the third and forth leaf-like stuctures coming from the back of the seahorse’s body are blurred but at the same distance of the other ones - just a simple mistake. :slight_smile:


Wow !

Funny !
Look so good ! you had a hard time to accomplish it as I see.
Congratulations ! :thumbsup:


очень хорошо. Буду ждать новых шедевров!


woohaa :smiley: very nice!!!
My only crit would be the sss material… it looks a little bit off. What shader did you used - phisics or fast simple ?
Ups… my bad - Just saw you used fast simple - Well to be more concrete: I really think that the most little bits of the horse must be lot more transparent and translusent. I hope I made myself clear now :slight_smile:


what shader did you used , to make it so perfect, ??
that make it a nice render


Buwahaha! This is awesome - 5 star work.


Ha ha…

This is sooo cute. I really like the little people in his belly.



Very nice image ! mental ray and Maya are great


love this. the simplicity of the idea and the execution are inspiring. It hadn’t occurred to me to put internals in SSS objects like you’ve done here, but it makes perfect sense, so I’ve learned a new thing today.



Ha ha, super work.
One element is very DOF. But is all right. I like it


Great image, made me laugh out loud!

Instant wallpaper!


That’ll give the loch ness monster a run for it’s money. Lovely.


Great piece!!! Congratulations!!!

That’s what I really like to see on the front page: original ideas! And something different from the oh-so-boring-super-realistic stuff.


wow! that is incredible! one of the best image pieces i’ve seen at cgtalk! it is original(which is most important)… i love it!

My only crit is that the rendering style of the scubadiver outside doesn’t really fit with the rest of the image.

Great work!


Perfect! A great idea very well executed! I have no crits. Gread job!!


I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I saw this…very funny!



Amazing work , and so funny stuff :thumbsup:


Ha ha excellent idea and well executed.

Only critic is about the sea-horse, suggest you show it
whole. So the viewer can really apprecite the size difference.
Still great work.

Any chance to see this as a wallpaper??



So nice to see something other than huge-breasted warrior bimbos.

This is a great piece and nicely stylized.

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!


I must laugh whit this picture… :smiley:
Super idea and good work
Good luck man - 5 *