Horse, Priymuk Sergey (3D)


This is such a cute picture. My only crit is I would rename this Dragon since this looks like it was based on a sea dragon, not a sea horse. They have one of these at my local zoo. If I get a chance, I think it would be very fun to model one.


Awesome! you made my day with this peace!


fantastic image :thumbsup:

lets see what the rest of the community think :slight_smile:



i love it. the only thing i could say is that the diver is a little difficult to see in the image.


Great work! I love your sense of humor. Great shading and lighting. great work.:thumbsup:


I love this image. It’s one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while. The little scuba divers remind me of the characters in 9 in their cuteness and terror.




SNoWs, it is just a fairy-tale, where you can find giant seahorses and huge corals and little people, as well:)
In such a confusion of the scales there is an intrigue, that allows audience to think out the own variant of the development of story

well, that explains it, not having read the story the scale didn’t make a heck of a lot of sense.
congrats on the front page


Yup, thats great! I love it!


Ahahaha :scream: Perfect :thumbsup:
5* from me

Keep good working :bounce:


Сергей!! эТО просто супер!! well done!! :thumbsup:


Thanks to all for your comments! :slight_smile:

tarantul, spasibo zemliak ! :slight_smile:


Very entertaining concept and an imaginative design :thumbsup:

My main crit would be that the composition is rather flat, so it feels a bit like everything is occupying a single thin slice of Z-space so to speak. Otherwise great and fun to look at.


I really like this

2 crits:

  1. as someone else mentioned the cropping of the horse seems unneccasary.

  2. and i also think the seahorses eyes could be a little bit more focused on the diver they seem to be slightly off at the moment and not really looking at him.

quality image tho


THIS IS FUNNY AS HELL MAN. I couldn’t stop laughing for at least 2 minutes …lol… good work!



That’s totally funnnnnny! No words to describe this hilarious scene! That funny! (lol)


Excelent work! I like it, funny idea and style! 5stars


Cool stuff man. linke the translucensy on the horse


I absolutely love that pic … wow its GREAT !!! :thumbsup:

Im excited to see more of your work in the future … :bounce:


You made me laugh in this grey cloudy morning… hehe congratulations on the piece, beutiful execution, and great humour.

My favorite part are the divers inside the creature, lol.

nice, keep it up !




Great Job!!It’s very original, and very cartoonish!Love ur sense of humor,…a bit of Boring3D on ur inspiration?Anyway…congrats! 5stars